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No matter how you slice it, more money is getting back to artists now than at any point in history.

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Please read this article. About two weeks ago, Sonic Youth selected TuneCore to distribute every album they released up to their first Geffen album.

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These albums sit with Rubber Soul and Revolver in my world. Are you kidding me?

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This is Sonic Youth! The sonic walls of sound, production, songwriting and influence they had and have on artists still resonate today. This is a band that never ever sold out.

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They did it their way and stayed at it for years, inventing, re-inventing, never ever becoming or doing something that was not true to them. The credibility they brought to any label that released their music or artist who had the opportunity to open for them is immeasurable.

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It is an honor. And a thank you to every single TuneCore employee who helped create a company of such high quality, trust, value and integrity that Sonic Youth would choose to use us.

For those that do not know them, you are missing out on experiencing music and artistic creativity that most likely will not repeat itself.

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Without you, none of this would have happened. Thank you for giving all of us here at TuneCore the opportunity to cause change and make things better for artists.

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