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These proceedings were reproduced using the manuscripts supplied by the authors of the different papers. The manuscripts have been typed according to the Editorial Instructions for Papers to be presented at the Agricultural Informatics Conference and Organic. Edunet Conference Workshop. The editors.

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These events provided forums for agriculture related professionals, professors, lecturers and PhD students to exchange information on education, research, applications and developments of Information Technologies in Agriculture and related sciences.

The papers cover a wide spectrum of topics.

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They include new applications of innovative technologies and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, in addition to issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination. The Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics executes the project titled "The dissemination of research result on innovative information technologies in agriculture" as a part of the Social Bináris opciós kereskedelem áttekinti a trükkös videókat Operational Program, New Hungary Development Plan.

This project supported these conferences. Information and communication technologies play more and more important role in agriculture, food and the environment. The European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment and its national organisations play an important role in dissemination of ICT knowledge on European and national levels.

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We hope that these proceedings will contribute to the exchange of knowledge and they will increase the quality of research and applications in the field of Information Technology in Agriculture. Alexander B.

Agricultural Informatics 2010

Sideridis, Maria Koukouli, Eleni Antonopoulou Stracke, Éva Rátky, Cleo Sgouropoulou Costopouloul, M. Ntaliani, M. Maliappis, R. Georgiades, A. In this paper we outline a phenology model which can estimate budbreak and full bloom start dates of sour cherry quite accurately, considering the effective heat sums. With the help of RegCM3. For the climatic characterization of sour cherry bloom period in between and for the description of the expected changes in this very sensitive period of sour cherry with respect to the time slicewe introduce some climatic indicators as artificial weather parameters.

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We survey the changes of the indicators in the examined period and, regarding the full bloom start model results, we formulate the expectations for the future and make comparisons. Keywords: phenology model, weather indicator, climate change, climate model, sour cherry 1.

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Introduction The closing decades of the 20th century and the early years of the present century in Hungary were unusually warm with several extreme events droughts, storms, hails, frosts, floods etc. Living systems have their own capacity and speed of adaptation to the particular changes they face in their environment.

In case the changes are small and occur slowly enough, the success of adaptation is almost sure. Estimations of warming by about °C or more in a century or more may seem to be not too much, however, a change of this speed can be too fast to keep up with Houghton, Of course, estimations regarding the near or far future are companied with considerable uncertainties which are caused by imperfect knowledge of way and scale of climate change and its direct and indirect impacts.

However, modeling and simulating climate change impacts has of great importance for having a sight of the possible future in order to be able to prepare. In this work we focus on a method with which we can characterize the expected changes of a very sensitive period of sour cherry, namely bloom and ten days before.

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First we introduce a phenology model to estimate the starting dates of budbreak and full bloom. To learn the characteristics and the way of change of the early vegetation period of sour cherry is very important because the success of production together with the one of plant protection and technology techniques scheduling is depending mainly on phenological information.

Moreover, several risk factors such as frost, infection, insufficient pollination etc. This kind of research is of even greater importance nowadays when usual phenological timing is changing because of climate change.

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HAAI-EFITA Workshop SeptemberBudapest, Hungary Having a model in hand which allows relatively well-reliable estimations for the starting dates of budbreak and full bloom, we can go on with asking what predictions can be made if we change historical weather data to those of regional climate model outputs. Keeping in mind that the model was calibrated for past and present observed and well-detected circumstances and there is some uncertainty if it is suitable to apply for future estimations, we make an attempt.

The basis of our hope not to err too much is that the temporal distance of calibration and application time slices is not too long and that regionally downscaled ocean-surface climate change models of our days are giving quite bináris opciós kereskedelem áttekinti a trükkös videókat estimations for the near future.

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Analyzing the output of the phenology model run with regional climate model estimations we can learn the expected phenological hogyan lehet kereskedelmi robotokat beállítani in the future which can be considered as the response of the plant to its changing climate.

Going back to our point, in order to learn the climatic characteristics of sour cherry bloom, we introduce climatic indicators.

Climatic indicators are artificial parameters in the form of functions of simple weather parameters temperature, precipitation etc. The reason of using climatic indicators is the fact that the responses of the plants to climate change can be formulated as to be tightly correlated with the changes of the values of suitable weather indicators.

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Climatic indicators, therefore, are easy to be related to different kinds of risk. If we analyze the values and distribution of indicators in time and space, they may signalize the risk of several types. Thus, the analysis of climatic indicators may serve the analysis of climate change impact.

We examine the changes of the above indicators in the examined period As a next step, we take the observed starting and ending dates of bloom in time intervalcalculate and fix the average endpoints of them say: base bloom. Supposed that the phenology model predictions of the full bloom starting dates can be applied, according to its prediction we shift the fixed base bloom period.

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The shifted period can be considered as analogous full bloom period. Then, regarding the time slice the same seven indicators are calculated for the base bloom period and for the shifted analogous bloom period, together with their day pre-bloom-period, based on the regional climate model output data.

It was also tested whether the differences between the predictions for the base bloom and analogous bloom periods are significant or not. Significant differences were detected if p 2. Materials and methods 2. Model-based estimation of the starting dates of budbreak and full bloom Since the middle of the 18th century several investigations have been made on the relationship of phenology and meteorological conditions Reaumur,